Layers of the Lovely – Fancy Future for Lifestyle Lolitas


From Fanplusfriend – outstanding bold nods to the past that are perfect for a fashionable future. Phenomenal work F+F!

Oh Japanese Street Fashion…such a world it is. It’s one that enraptures all who wear it into a state of euphoria like none other from classic to steampunk. Japanese Street Fashion’s Lolita couture, in the last 6 or 7 years, has been filled with prints. Brands and big name designers of the couture were clinging to “series prints” and it’s still expected and admired by hardcore Lolita enthusiasts and lifestylers. Kawaii fashion encompases this as well and umbrellas the whole of the couture movement more or less. So finding devotees strategically coordinating coords that incorporate prints on top of Kawaii coolness leads to a whole other over-the-top (OTT) ensemble. But leave it to the kawaii leaders and ambassadors of this great fashion art to turn OTT into absolutely “gorgeous and sleek.”


Rebelsmarket – hair accessories are a must!

This may very well be the face of Lolita today…an upscaled OTT ensemble that touts more than just modern prints. The fashion is continuously influenced by the other styles in Harajuku and the result is an ensemble that gives a nod to nearly everyone.


imageWhile full time Lolitas are looking lovely, those who want to wear the fashion in a casual way are finding avenues through accessories and off brands to pair with their everyday western wear. This idea of continuously nodding to Harajuku and Tokyo without sporting a petticoat has riveted well into western brands, some of whom are selling jackets, hats and more with kawaii themes. It’s quite easy to spot a Lolita today even if she’s not decked out to the nines in a nifty h.Naoto or F+F Neo-Ludwig ensmeble. This, in turn, has caused the community to grow to the point that the famous tea parties have extended far past a few time a year to nearly every week and even after a long day at work. How cool is that, meetups and more kawaii life in abundance and not just for the con-goer.


Lauragalic Etsy – so many pieces of inspiration for the future of JFashion and Lifestyle Lolis

Kawaii as fashion has become inescapable. It takes a real effort to keep it off with Hello Kitty, pinks, deep black and JFashion in EGL forms finding its way into brands like Torrid and Tripp. It’s making life a lot easier for westerners who may not be able to access and wear these amazing coordinates in the workplace but still want to incorporate it into their daily life. The future is definitely a kawaii life touched by the Elegant and Gothic Lolita inclusive of all the creativity that comes with it. Brands will either jump on this or be left in glitter dust on the runway. We at RNG of course embrace it and will happily share our dolled out, colourful coords in modern and classic ways. Let’s ride that wave and keep it going. Kawaii for us is nothing shy of happiness and harmony. What better way to share it than to wear it.


-Team RNG


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