Layers of the Lovely – Fancy Future for Lifestyle Lolitas


From Fanplusfriend – outstanding bold nods to the past that are perfect for a fashionable future. Phenomenal work F+F!

Oh Japanese Street Fashion…such a world it is. It’s one that enraptures all who wear it into a state of euphoria like none other from classic to steampunk. Japanese Street Fashion’s Lolita couture, in the last 6 or 7 years, has been filled with prints. Brands and big name designers of the couture were clinging to “series prints” and it’s still expected and admired by hardcore Lolita enthusiasts and lifestylers. Kawaii fashion encompases this as well and umbrellas the whole of the couture movement more or less. So finding devotees strategically coordinating coords that incorporate prints on top of Kawaii coolness leads to a whole other over-the-top (OTT) ensemble. But leave it to the kawaii leaders and ambassadors of this great fashion art to turn OTT into absolutely “gorgeous and sleek.”


Rebelsmarket – hair accessories are a must!

This may very well be the face of Lolita today…an upscaled OTT ensemble that touts more than just modern prints. The fashion is continuously influenced by the other styles in Harajuku and the result is an ensemble that gives a nod to nearly everyone.


imageWhile full time Lolitas are looking lovely, those who want to wear the fashion in a casual way are finding avenues through accessories and off brands to pair with their everyday western wear. This idea of continuously nodding to Harajuku and Tokyo without sporting a petticoat has riveted well into western brands, some of whom are selling jackets, hats and more with kawaii themes. It’s quite easy to spot a Lolita today even if she’s not decked out to the nines in a nifty h.Naoto or F+F Neo-Ludwig ensmeble. This, in turn, has caused the community to grow to the point that the famous tea parties have extended far past a few time a year to nearly every week and even after a long day at work. How cool is that, meetups and more kawaii life in abundance and not just for the con-goer.


Lauragalic Etsy – so many pieces of inspiration for the future of JFashion and Lifestyle Lolis

Kawaii as fashion has become inescapable. It takes a real effort to keep it off with Hello Kitty, pinks, deep black and JFashion in EGL forms finding its way into brands like Torrid and Tripp. It’s making life a lot easier for westerners who may not be able to access and wear these amazing coordinates in the workplace but still want to incorporate it into their daily life. The future is definitely a kawaii life touched by the Elegant and Gothic Lolita inclusive of all the creativity that comes with it. Brands will either jump on this or be left in glitter dust on the runway. We at RNG of course embrace it and will happily share our dolled out, colourful coords in modern and classic ways. Let’s ride that wave and keep it going. Kawaii for us is nothing shy of happiness and harmony. What better way to share it than to wear it.


-Team RNG


Creative Outlook for 2016

This is the time of year we start thinking about what we want to do and be in the coming one….which is right around the corner.¬†Success begins with good planning. In the RainbowsNGold entourage we encourage everyone to dream big and plan early. We’re creating vision boards and calendars with all of the things we want to see and achieve in 2016.


Pinterest is a great place to create vision boards.

We always begin in New York City. Bright lights, culture galore and the glittered entrances of our favourite places (i.e. Lips NYC, Ode to Babel Lifestyle bar, etc.) have ushered our thoughts into the realm of the positive. We live for lovely environments. There’s nothing like walking down the thoroughfares and long avenues of the city, especially during the holidays to put you in a creative mood. We’re thinking big and we’re running toward the next level of kawaii in every corner of our lives. It’s just what we do.

Seeking a stroll through Cenral Park? Photo by a friend sitting in the shoppes at Columbus Circle.


Night walks in New York City – the best!!

The best part of goals is taking your friends with you! Again, that’s just what we do. So, be ready for exploration of a different kind, the kind that will blow your mind! Stay open, aim to be bold and big as you step into the coming year. We aim to fill it with all things fun, frilly and fantastic! Are you with us? Come on! Let’s go! Allons-y!
Aim to be Kawaii!
-Team RNG

Find time to gather with friends and do what you love, even if it’s just playing with your dolls xox ūüôā

Kawaii Kawaii Couture = Haute for the Holidays

So what have we seen in our growing RNG scene? People are going all out this season in Haute Couture with a kawaii spin. The world is diverse so this time of year you get to see all of the different clothing and customs of the cultures that make up this great big world. Kawaii Clubbers, our fashion gives us an identity and a unique persona. So how can we enhance that or take it up to the next level without unloading every dime we have? Take a look at this list for putting together the most kawaii of coordinates this festive season. It’s as easy as ABCD!

A. Accessories: Glam your life up with fun picks like cupcake rings, our favourite foodie and fruit earrings from stores like Le Petit Macaron. Shops like these on Etsy can help you turn your wardrobe into something wonderful.

#RNG entourage is all about the rings… this one has bunnies, look at those sweet little things… ūüėČ

B. The Best Sweaters and Cool Camisetas: Everyone needs a cute shirt or even a super kawaii dress. Doesn’t matter what sex you are, cute is for all you cool kids. We suggest fun ones from Adore Vintage.
C. Catch that Lower Third: Shorts, Pants…even a casual kilt! Find something that has character and compliments you as well. We’re thinking FanPlusFriend, Torrid ,¬†picks from Jack Threads¬†and Elegy Clothing.

Elegy Clothing makes really unique coordinates and ensembles that for all aspects of JFashion Life. Visit for more info.

D. Shufflings and Sapatos: Who doesn’t love shuffling around the house in cute socks?! In many of our cultures we remove our shoes indoors. For our entourage, having a cool pair of stockings and socks are just what we want. Sock Dreams is the kawaii store of choice for many. Top those off with something super cute to slip your feet into from

shoes from

The key to feeling super cool and cute is to plan early. Browse the internet at night and find what you like. Put items in wishlist instead of your shopping cart to prevent overbuying. Look at your friend’s Pinterest pages to get ideas and links to cool shoppes that they’re frequenting. Consider group orders to cut down on shipping or to get it free as some shoppes are offering next to nothing to send it to your home if your order is over $50.
And we want to know what you find!! Send us pictures of your coordinates! Where did you get¬†the good deals? One winner will be chosen and featured on RainbowsNGold in 2016 plus win the first RNG tshirt to debut at a coming cultured fashion week. Fans and followers, you will soon be able to buy your own #RNG entourage favs right from this site. We’re claiming this fabulous fashion forward future! Feel free to follow and join in the fun!

Bunny Alice – Japanese Street Fashion #Harajuku #Tokyo #ATL

-Team RNG

Diverse Aesthetics: Beautiful Boys

Beauty can be excruciatingly gorgeous. So much so that it’s hard to talk about it. That sentiment sent us spiraling into the world of men in art, especially the art of drag.


Comic relief in a pretty package Bob the Drag Queen of NY. Check out this Royal’s ¬†documentary!

In the west, we are subjected to limited standards for what is considered pretty. Though our world is vast and there are numerous (almost limitless) ideas and standards for attractiveness depending on where one is on the planet, we still find in societies influenced by western art and media, standards that have very little to do with the majority of global citizens. Of late, the idea of holding on to just those few ideas has thankfully been deemed ridiculous and is being fought by a revolution of diversity.


This is a perfect example of what we’re talking about here… This is Bianca del Rio out of persona. She’s already a doll but even out of “character” is a beauty to behold… *Follow @TheBiancaDelRio on Instagram for over a years worth of truly beautiful pictures and fan conversations filled with support and love.

One dynamic in this global change is the idea of gender fluidity and allowing¬†oneself to “just be” vs. “to classify” or be labelled. The Art of Drag has always been an outstanding example of declassification on many levels. Moving from one gender to another as an art form is beautiful. We found the following drag queens (or Royals as we like to refer to them) absolutely stunning in and out of drag. According to several fans in the RNG entourage, Bianca Del Rio is the epitome of a ravishing royal. Lady Del Rio was more than just a winner on RPDR. She was EVERYTHING…but boy did we fall for her hard when she gave fans¬†a glimpse of her personal life through Instagram and other publications. If you haven’t seen the bombardment of the “beautiful beau” Roy Haylock -her other persona or other self- then you haven’t lived. This is beauty, this is gorgeous… that face, those eyes…the sentiment and simple moment of a snapshot sans makeup, just Mr. Haylock in all his handsome glory is as exhilarating as Bianca Del Rio’s “show.” We don’t know what we love more. Sensual and sensational only partially sums up the photos. Go ahead, log on and look behind the scenes of Lady Bianca Del Rio. We are so digging it…

Smooch your screen…we totally understand. Look how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN IS…LOOK AT HIM!


*Photos from @TheBiancaDelRio on Instagram –

Bianca please don’t get upset…we couldn’t help ourselves. ¬†You are too beautiful for words…

Other beautiful¬†men¬†who can slide in and out of a female form flawlessly are Bob the Drag Queen, Nicole Paige Brooks, Katy Cakes, PhiPhi O’Hara…the list goes on. These young men are not only gorgeous women but absolutely beautiful sans performance. RNG is all about uplifting and drawing attention to this very thing…they are a major part of the¬†diverse aesthetic.

bob.jpg                                                    Bob The Drag Queen

Beauty is thankfully no longer limited to one sex. Men are allowed to lie still and be admired in their many forms. The male body has become art and something to be appreciated¬†in every respectable aspect. There is no taboo in the idea of a man being beautiful. He is no longer tied to “handsome.” Many men today are (and are allowed to be) so much more than that. It’s overwhelming at times, just like gazing upon the royals in their quote “natural state.” Again, it’s just absolutely overwhelming…a true era of euphoria for fans indeed. We certainly find ourselves in a swoonfest over these fantastic artists. Whether they drag it out or just lay there like Bianca in her bare and beautiful form. To soak up the sunlight in their face is a pure cloud nine experience. We know many feel the same way.

-RNG Entourage