Marvelous Men in Dance


Rachid Alexander

There are over 100 men heavily involved in the art of Raqs Sharqi (known as bellydance to the western world). For such an inclusive dance that embraces a human being as one is, no requirements needed except passion and persistence, we often forget about our other halves. The number of men out there making many cultures proud surpasses the expectation that women are only interested in participating in this art. Raqs Sharqi moves the spirit, it’s an enrapturing experience that takes you out of your own world and swiftly carries you into one of divinity at times. It’s quite overwhelming when one really delves deep into it.

With so many marveous men in dance, several soar to the top, namely Tito Seif, Tarik Sultan, Andrus Ramir, Nath Keo, Valizan and Rachid Alexander. Speaking of Rachid, he is one of many we’ll be highlighting in fandom over the coming months. Mr. Alexander is our fixed focus for the moment, hailing from the island of Curacao. The man is hot. Just have a look…


His performances are captivating!

Such strength and “presentation” are put into their performances but also into the couture they choose to showcase their art. It’s very inspiring and the result has led to fans getting all dolled up to compliment the clothing of their beloved raqs stars. Of recent, it has become commonplace for fans to dress up at shows. People create entourages for those they love on stage, arriving together with signs and slogans turning raqs stars into ROCK stars. RNG has also taken note of this and our own team and entourage follow that path of ravishing arrivals. We believe in representing our raqs artists and their aesthetic in mind, body and soul.

More Rachid


Tarik Sultan (courtesy Naomi Takahashi)

Tarik Sultan, who’s sponsored Rachid several times, is another outstanding raqs pioneer with over 20 years in this art form. He is the first male dancer to perform at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, Egypt and is only male dancer to be featured in the top venues in New York City. Tarik’s large number of fans remain loyal to his mission in the art. He’s one heck of a performer that knows how to turn up the energy at any event be it modern or traditional.

In addition to performing, his teaching is top notch. He’s been a big influence in the RNG entourage and many have gone on to really push themselves in the art and are now amazing dancers as well. He’s one of the few to start the tradition of demonstrating “balance” with the Nargile in performances. Tarik comes from a beautiful cultured background and makes his home in New York where he teaches regularly. He’s no stranger to fangirling and hails of praise globally. From day one to present, he still drives us mad with excitement, can’t get enough of his sharp, earthy and culturally accurate versions of Sha’abi Masri plus so much more… we could go on and on…


Photos by Naomi Takahashi

We encourage you to look closely at these outstanding contributors to the art. Find warmth and healing in their strength. That, too, is a cloud nine experience!

Learn more about Rachid Alexander by clicking here:

Raqs On!


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