Love Letters to Lips Atlanta

“Dear Lips, you define fabulous…the world stops at your door to understand the true meaning…” -Squee

“Quite a few times I’ve gone to Lips with the Rainbows-N-Gold entourage and in every one of the performances, the royalty were wearing exquisite fashion, bold colours and statement pieces that inspired me to design when I got home. Squee, RNG’s messenger, was born from one of these inspiring nights. Squee or Squeal is a sound or adjective I use when a performance or someone rocks my soul. My creative process would go like this; I grab my pencil, notebook paper and sketch with my inspiration/muse in mind. I show my team my first draft. I take into consideration their creative input. I make changes and then we as a team finalize the draft and send the sketch to the Artist. The Artist then brings #RNG ideas to life. Without attending rainbow events and other related shows my creative well would be empty. Lips has given me a wealth of inspiration and I love them for it.” -Cairo C.

We could list out everything we love about music, fashion and friendship mixed with elegance and grace; that would sum up a large percentage of Lips Atlanta. Legends, love and luxury might be the next line of luscious adjectives. But sexy, surreal, sensational and sumptuous in the sense one is slipping into a someone’s adoring arms is the essence and feeling of Lips Atlanta for many fans. This place is serving lavish realness to the nth degree.


Marvelous Monica Van Pelt is a lovely Lips Atlanta team member xo

We arrived last week for Bitchy Bingo, forgetting how incredible this humble board game can turn into a night of a thousands joys when this establishment gets a hold of it. Hosted by the legendary Mother Bubba and Atlanta’s award winning Monica Van Pelt, Wednesday nights become a huge party filled with some of Atlanta’s top drag entertainers.  But let’s be real here, these ladies are not just entertaining….drag shouldn’t even be in the title. These are artists, incredible illusionists to some but they are oh too real for us, serving the real deal, a beautiful woman in all her unique glory. There are lots of personalities and personas on this team. We had so much fun with them it was difficult to leave. It’s hard not to want to be there for every single  night on their entertainment schedule.

Fun is a petty word at Lips, the experience is overwhelming really…it’s almost too much. ‘Drunk in Love’ ain’t got nothin’ on these folks because they leave you soaked in admiration, completely intoxicated by their presence. From sexy Savannah Leigh, the bold Mr. Charlie Brown (Lady Charlie to her secret society of fans of who have a crush on her), to the Paris Experience perfected by Nichelle Paris along with Necole Love Dupree, Katy Cakes, Mychelle La Croix Dupree and the ultimate doll Evah Destruction…and that’s just naming a few. You get a whole lot of love in this delightful dollhouse and no one is tiring of it. They continue to sell out shows, it is crucial that one RSVPs in advance.


Shavonna Bisforbarbie Brooks is beyond beautiful and quite a lovely lady at Lips Atlanta

Don’t get us started on management as they are totally majestic, darling dolls to infinity that we could hug for days without ceasing. Then there’s the venue, the place itself is just…immaculate. You might be able to eat off the floor. Lips looks like a jewelry box with kawaii cute nooks and crannies plus an elevated stage where performers will knock your socks off. And speaking of things worn…the fashion on these delightful divas is divine. Sleek glammed out dresses, Sunday sets that rival that of many services and cute kawaii ensembles on Evah complete a closet of the coolest fashion around. They have it all!

Want to know how to show your love for Lips’ royalty? How about some tips? Did you know they do not add gratuity to the check? It’s up to you to decide. We suggest 20% hands down. You’ll see why when you get there. Another awesome way to love on these ladies is to tip them during their stage performances. All of that lipstick, lip sync and in some cases (i.e. the Regal Royal Aria B. Cassadine) live performance isn’t cheap. Just like other ladies, these performers go to make-up galleries, get custom designed gowns and glorious wardrobes to make you, the fans, happy. Share in the love with more than loose change…drop a $5 or $10 ($2 is appreciated but when you see them you might dump your whole wallet on these women, consider yourself warned as self control will flee you).

Nichelle Paris

Nichelle Paris is so perfect in performance and in person – another amazing Lips Atlanta team star

Another thing to note about their show is this isn’t a game for them. It’s completely real…so real. Lips Atlanta is not a campy cabaret with jokes about female parts littered throughout the evening. It’s an elegant glam fest with hard working people (inclusive of bartenders, house staff behind the curtain and beyond) who take the art of entertaining very seriously. Years of going to drag shows and being involved in the entertainment industry  have allowed us to know the difference between a little ol’ party and an over-the-top dinner extravaganza equal to A-list events. Lips Atlanta takes it to that level and beyond not to mention perfecting the art of being feminine to heights unknown. It’s truly impressive to the point one of our dear friends has all but proposed to various staff on occasion. It’s hard not to want them with you all of the time.


The award winning Evah Destruction – is a Wednesday night world of wonderful at Lips Atlanta

Our favourite thing to do is just lounge there…literally. Go early and stay late, bring a date…and see the look on your friends’ faces when these royals hit the stage. It’s nothing shy of a slice of Utopia. Be ready to throw some love around and lick it up… Ahhhh, loving Lips Atlanta…it’s the experience you want to keep on experiencing…over and over again. xoxo

Keep it Kawaii
-Team #RNG

*Photos from fan pages, Lips’ team social profiles and our own personal fan club stash 😉 #TeamNoShame


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