About Cairo C. Maestro of Escapism

caironyPhoto-James Hicks MU-Ellison        Cairo the founder of Rainbows and Gold is a cultured country girl from a one traffic light town in Central Georgia. Down south, they like their women “thick.” As a teen, Cairo was string bean of a young woman and although she might not have garnered much attention from the boys, her slim figure and stunning cheek bones had model scouts from all over the east coast clamoring to sign this young beauty. At 17, against her family’s wishes, Cairo fled her small town and landed in NYC after she was scouted by an agent at a fashion show in Atlanta. It was here in NYC that Cairo was first exposed to gay life and culture. Through countless Drag Shows, lip sync battles, and Galas, Cairo learned what it meant to be fabulous, fierce and fearless. Her love for the Queens was not just one sided, she received just as much as she gave. They opened their arms, homes, and hearts to Cairo and were there when family was not.

NYC is a cauldron of creativity, every culture and eccentricity is in full bloom. While there, Cairo fell in love with Kawaii culture and style. The cuteness, softness and message of love reminded her of time spent with her “Gay Mothers and Fathers ”. She saw more similarities than differences between the two cultures and thought that one day she would find a way to cross the two, spreading the love outwardly in all directions!

It’s now 2015. Somehow her fate led her to create Rainbows and Gold a couture, casual line of graphic Tee’s and garments for “Family” and “Friends of the Family” alike! Cairo owes her life and happiness to all the Queens who pampered, educated and loved her and all the Kawaii friends who shaped her style. Rainbows N Gold is dedicated to each and every one of them.

So let’s do this!

-Squee on behalf of C.


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